• Image of Secret Fairy door ~ Wall decal
  • Image of Secret Fairy door ~ Wall decal
  • Image of Secret Fairy door ~ Wall decal

Suitable for inside only.

This little image has been produced from my original painting on to re-stickable, removable decals for the home.

They can be placed on your skirting boards, shelves, walls, doors, on dark or light backgrounds, in fact anywhere you want a secret door to be.

What lies behind the fairy door and who dropped the tiny golden key?
Were they escaping from their world or running from ours?

Quick and easy to fit in place and the decal material is removable, bubble free, tear resistant and easily re-positionable.
Each one is hand cut by yours truly, to ensure no white halo around the image.

Approx' 8cm wide and 9.4cm high.

Posted First Class post, along with a placement hints and tips leaflet.
Also comes with a 'mini' permanent door sticker, included in the pack. (whilst stocks last.) Suitable for inside and out!

Once fitted, a sure sign to tell if it's being used is a tell tale dusting of *glitter on the steps in front of the door!
What will your story be?

NB: Fairy glitter not included.
Please note that I added glitter to my secret door after sticking the decal on the wall.
You can easily do the same to yours with a dab of your own glitter glue!